Characterized by its signature boldness and innovation, over the past 25 years, Élitis has provided its expertise and the services of its experienced team for both your private and public decorating projects. Our products combine quality, expertise, beauty and safety and are developed in compliance with the highest standards to meet the most demanding requirements of the market. We have always worked with architects, designers and prescribers to create prestigious and remarkable interior decoration in sectors as diverse as hotels, restaurants, water sports, health, and communities ... From offices to clubs, or theaters to shopping centers, our collections are developed to offer a complete service tailored to your needs.

Our Contract sector collections (suitable for public spaces)
Feel free to browse our site which contains a number of wall and textiles collections that meet the specific requirements for public space use.

Wall Collections: 
-FIRE RETARDANT: all our wallpaper and wall coverings are tested according to American and European Euroclass noninflammable standards .You can browse our non-inflammable collections directly on the following links: for wallpaper and for wall coverings.
- RESISTANCE: ideal for public spaces, our range of vinyl wallpaper is highly resistant to impacts. You can browse our shock-resistant collections directly on the following link:
- REPELLENT: for easier care, most of our wall coverings receive a DWR water repellant treatment.
- SOUND: we also offer 3D wallcovering collections with very good acoustic properties. You can browse our collections with acoustic properties directly on this link:
Fabric Collections:
- FIRE RETARDANT and ABRASIVE RESISTANT: our wide range of fabrics for seat covers, wide-width fabrics, and curtains already offers fire resistant products using Trevira CS fiber to meet the most stringent fire retardant standards and products with a high resistance to light, air and abrasion (100 000T Martindale).You can browse our non-inflammable and Trevira collections directly on this link: and our wide-width collections on this link:
- WATER REPELLENT and ANTI-STAIN: Our offer also includes fabrics having previously received a water repellent and / or stain treatment.
- OUTDOOR: our range of outdoor fabrics has been designed for residential use but also the contract sector for decorating outdoor spaces such as spa or pool or sea side areas. A symbol of quality, our outdoor fabric collections are extremely resistant to light (6-year warranty for some references), outdoor elements and they have received an anti-mold treatment. For optimum comfort, these fabrics are also heat resistant. You can browse our outdoor collections directly on this link:
Easy care and cleaning are essential points which we have developed in our collections.

Our tailored services
Our design studio and our specialized contract team offer a personalized and responsive service to follow your projects from start to finish and provide a material-library with fabric and wall materials with thousands of references. 

Here are the specific developments that we offer upon request:
- Fire resistant treatment: British Standards BS5867 curtains and BS5852 Crib 5 seat covers, French standards M1 and M2 IMO standards (International Maritime Organization) FTP Code Part 7,8 & 9 curtains, seat covers and bedding, American Standards NFPA 701 Test 1 for fabrics, ASTM E84-Class A for wallcoverings.
- Stain and water repellent treatment.
- Anti-Mildew, anti-bacterial and anti-mite treatment
- Modifying an existing design or creating a design or a color from data provided by our customers on our fabrics, wall coverings and our vinyl or non-woven wallpapers. 
- Possibility to color-match a product to meet the specific requirements of a project.
- Possibility to transpose an existing fabric on a Trevira CS mounting. 
It should be noted that some treatments are not mutually compatible. Furthermore, the choice of the finish is the customer's responsibility. Elitism cannot be held responsible for various changes in appearance or colors that result from these treatments.
Feel free to contact us to receive more information regarding minimum quantities, time periods and prices.

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We are available in 116 countries and are pleased to offer our expertise to answer your questions.
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