A profusion of beautiful fabrics.

Sirocco, Hoggar,
heavy weaves and plain materials, such as artisan cloth mixed with raffia, horsehair or linen, in natural, vegetal and mineral shades. 132 cm or 140 cm wide.

, 2 transparent, creped, wide width raffia sheers.

Linen and natural horsehair
, warp and weft threads with a graphic effect, linen mesh, horsehair sheers, jacquard linen, double pocket linen and horsehair..… in white, natural and black/white. Wildlife harmony in leather and velvet.

Jungle, Jacquard velvet with a zebra style graphic,small panther effect flocked velvet and vintage imitation leather. Raffia effect jacquard linen with playful white and brown checks.

, large embroidery on cotton cloth with an ethnic inspiration. Available in 4 different contrasting colours.

, chiffon which is as light as a scarf and has a tribal print. Available in 3 different colours.

LI 524 06
LI 525 04
LI 526 03
LI 528 72
LW 249 01
LW 249 02
LW 365 04

News and Projects

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