Cuirs et peaux

A city collection of plain leathers for today, with a natural touch, in real leather shades.

BUCKSKIN effect with a soft smooth down for chair and wall coverings.
CALFSKIN effect, heavier leather with a genuine grain and texture.
LAMBSKIN effect, a matt, supple, stretchy skin.

LW 303 04
LW 303 63
LW 303 72
LW 315 72
LW 325 63
LW 328 33

News and Projects

Élitis Symphony in New York
The 30th anniversary of Élitis
Vienna Ballhaus
June 14, Vienna - Austria
Nacarat Restaurant - Hudsons Bay Flagshipstore in Amsterdam
Coco shells wallcovering
Private apartment - Orchard drive purchase, New York
Nature précieuse wallcovering