Linen must surely have a sixth sense, one that always surprises us and is pleasing to the eye. Vintage-washed, embroidered and softened in its natural colors, its apparent simplicity hides treasures of sophistication that make it a must-have. A collection full of sensual beauty for linen lovers. A wide variety of stylish, comfortable, luxurious and cozy linens, flowing bubbly voiles, vintage-washed linens and eyelet embroideries come together in a natural white collection.

A collection of linen offering a wide selection for seat covers and curtains : 16 choices of material

LI 562 03
LI 562 04
LI 727 01
LI 727 02
LI 498 02
LI 498 03
LI 501 02
LI 502 02
LI 503 02
LI 503 05
LI 504 02
LI 505 02
LI 506 04
LI 507 02
LI 508 02
LI 510 02
LI 511 05
LI 513 02

News and Projects

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