Radical. Raw. Natural. A body-to-body with linen, which claims its era on Earth and defies the time of mankind. Esprit explores an aesthetic territory virgin of any preciosity, as close as possible to purity, a flirtation of time immemorial with austerity. It is part of the family of these new materials which rethink luxury and exception, totally opposed to glitz and opulence, as if to repair souls. While Fragments, inspired by a Japanese Boro document, explores the scars of time through a technical feat that gives it a patched, sewn, gathered, and even, yes, used look. It is a precious mirror infinitely reflecting the past. Heritage is a linen with a basket weave. By daring to claim an extreme heaviness and an almost monastic spirit, it discovers a majestic hang.


The collection focuses on two creations imitating handicraft, very embodied. Two raw and authentic beauties, featuring linen: one is thick and textured, the other crafted in a monochrome patchwork. With the highest quality linens from France and Belgium and made in Europe creations, these references are environmentally flawless.

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Private residence - Mallorca, Spain