French riviera

In the heat of the evening. In the emerging darkness, velvets reveal their originality in the glow of the candlelights.   Such as "dandies", they will soon be the kings of the night.   Small flowers, stripes, plains, collide and challenge each other without fear of impertinence. Denser, stronger, softer, a new "must have" enhanced by an inspired  range of colors.

Velvet for upholstery and drapery. 140cm width

LB 717 15
LB 717 28
LB 717 32
LB 717 51
LB 717 53
LB 717 76
LB 718 45
LB 718 51
LB 719 45
LB 719 53
LB 719 62
LB 719 79
LB 719 82

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