Gypsies II

A worthy heir to the first Gypsies collection whose features are perpetuated: 100% Linen, the fabric is heavy, always piece dyed and washed with natural pumice stone (which is the hallmark of an authentic stonewash). Certified Master of Linen, it is also made in Europe.


Genuine colors, as natural as linen, suggesting nature and raw materials. This new palette, dense yet subdued, is an invitation to create soothing, enticing atmospheres and delicate contrasts.


37 colors - Made in Belgium - Master of Linen


Plus product: Martindale 60 000 T, Very good light resistance, 40°C machine washable

Gypsies ii

Gypsies II
Gypsies ii, gypsies
Gypsies II
Gypsies ii
LI 755 22
LI 755 24
LI 755 34
LI 755 35
LI 755 51
LI 755 53
LI 755 61
LI 755 69
LI 755 70
LI 755 75
LI 755 81
LI 755 07
LI 755 44
LI 755 50

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