Noir et blanc

Black and white, Yin and Yang, light and heavy; a sought after collection of multifaceted simplicity, a combination of a mix of fabrics for a relaxing and soothing ambience... in Japanese style! A series of printed fabrics, from small patches or wavy lines interrupted by bright silver ... a crystalline veil on which beads of rain are delicately placed. The cotton canvas fabrics are heavier with a discrete geometric stripe of velvet and linen weaving, embossed and well-rounded.
The materials are vibrant, full of poetry...

LB 707 01
LB 707 82
LW 813 02
LW 813 80

News and Projects

New-york Showroom
Soho House Berlin
Exclusive Encounters
Barbatana Restaurant, Lisbon
Wallcovering, Robinson
Hotel - Amadi Panorama, Amsterdam
Wallpaper, Pleats & Kandy