Noir et blanc

Black and white, Yin and Yang, light and heavy; a sought after collection of multifaceted simplicity, a combination of a mix of fabrics for a relaxing and soothing ambience... in Japanese style! A series of printed fabrics, from small patches or wavy lines interrupted by bright silver ... a crystalline veil on which beads of rain are delicately placed. The cotton canvas fabrics are heavier with a discrete geometric stripe of velvet and linen weaving, embossed and well-rounded.
The materials are vibrant, full of poetry...

LB 707 01
LW 813 02
LW 813 80

News and Projects

Élitis Symphony in New York
The 30th anniversary of Élitis
Vienna Ballhaus
June 14, Vienna - Austria
Barbatana Restaurant, Lisbon
Wallcovering, Robinson
Hotel - Amadi Panorama, Amsterdam
Wallpaper, Pleats & Kandy