Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions / answers. If your question is not included in this list, feel free to contact us.

How can I find the closest retailer in my area?
Visit our "PROFESSIONALS / Élitis in the world" or directly at the bottom of the screen "RETAILERS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD". You will find the full list of retailers as well as all of our showrooms to discover our collections. http://www.elitis.fr/en/resellers

How can I contact you or work with you?
- Professionals: You just need to contact the agent or distributor in your country. All our contacts are available in our "PROFESSIONALS / Élitis in the world" or directly at the bottom of the screen "RETAILERS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD." http://www.elitis.fr/en/resellers
- Private Individuals: You can contact us directly at our "CONTACT" section at the bottom of the screen or by phone at +33 5 61 80 20 20. http://www.elitis.fr/en/homepage

How can I search for a specific product (by color, by material, etc ...)?
For each product category, you have the option to search by color, material or technique. To do this click on the various options that are at the top left-hand under "COLLECTIONS / Product Category." http://www.elitis.fr/en/wallpaper

Are your products suitable for the contract sector or public spaces (hotel, restaurants, etc)?
Visit our "PROFESSIONALS / Contract" section for information about these products and available treatments. http://www.elitis.fr/en/contract

Do your products comply with environmental standards?
Élitis products are made in Europe (with a few exceptions) and according to CE standards. They meet many environmental standards consistent with our commitment to environmental protection.
In addition to the Reach standards which are met during the production of our fabrics, 90% of our wallpapers and wall coverings are rated A + (very low air emissions).To create the "greenest" products possible, the ink colors used are water-based inks and our papers can be recycled once stripped from the walls (by stripping the paper backing from the vinyl).
In addition, all our linen collections and several of our wall covering collections are made of natural materials: Nature Précieuse, Eclat, Robinson (bamboo, Japanese straw etc.)

How can I receive swatches?
To receive swatches, you must contact your dealer or nearest retailer.

How can I check product availability online?
This information is reserved for professionals with access to our extranet codes. Visit our "PROFESSIONALS / Business homepage." If you haven't received the access code, please contact your representative. http://extranet.elitis.fr/

How can I find hanging instructions for wallpaper and wall covering?
For each reference, hanging instructions are available. To download them, click on the corresponding reference. A window will open, click the "Downloads / Hanging instructions."  For example: http://www.elitis.fr/en/wallpaper/collection-parade-232 
Hanging slideshows are also available for specific wall coverings such as Robinson, Japanese Straw etc. in our "PROFESSIONALS / Wall covering hanging." http://www.elitis.fr/en/instructions/page1  

What do the various hanging symbols or pictograms mean?

All the information regarding the description and explanation of hanging symbols is available in our glossary. Visit our "PROFESSIONALS / Glossary". http://www.elitis.fr/en/glossary   

Where can I find the list of recommended paste for hanging your wall coverings and wallpaper?

All the pastes and adhesives are mentioned in the hanging instructions which are available for each reference. Simply click on the corresponding reference. A window will open, click on the "Downloads / Hanging Instructions" icon. For the moment, Élitis does not sell adhesives. For example:   http://www.elitis.fr/en/wallpaper/collection-pleats-156/drawing-mis-en-plis-85  

What are the recommended cleaning instructions for fabrics?

All care instructions for our fabrics are available in the specification sheet for each reference. Simply click on the corresponding reference. A window will open, click on the "Downloads / Specification sheet" icon. For example:   http://www.elitis.fr/en/fabric/collection-quadrille-238  

How can I calculate the number of rolls of wallpaper needed?

For each wallpaper reference, a roll calculator is available and lets you know how many rolls you need. Simply click on the corresponding reference. A window will open, click on the "Calculator" icon. For example:   http://www.elitis.fr/en/wallpaper/collection-pleats-156/drawing-mis-en-plis-85  

Where can I find the list of discontinued products?

The list of discontinued products is available on the home page of our Professional section. Visit our "PROFESSIONALS / Business homepage" and click on "List of discontinued products" http://extranet.elitis.fr/

How can I download pictures and samples in high definition (HD)?
All photos and samples for your 3D simulations of our collections are available in high definition in our photo library. Visit our "PROFESSIONALS / Photo library". Our photo library is open access, you don't need to sign in. http://www.elitis.fr/en/pictures-eula

How can I download the Élitis brochure?
Élitis brochures from the last four years are available and can be downloaded online. Visit our "COLLECTIONS / Brochures online." http://www.elitis.fr/en/brochures

How can I post photos of my project on the Élitis website?
Our "Projects" section allows you to view all the projects developed with our products. If you would like to post your projects on our website and social networks with your references, you can contact us at the following address: marketing@elitis.fr  Please indicate the project name and location and contact information.