High Performance Contract

Glass - Nacres HPC

The high performance contract collection presents the range of products entirely dedicated to contract, offering high-tech and functional qualities. It meets the most stringent standards of the hospitality, entertainment venue, foodservice, water sports, health and public sectors...This wide width, fabric backed vinyl is ultra-resistant,  fire-retardant and IMO. It is especially suitable when maintenance is a key criterion thanks to its washability, antifungal and antibacterial treatment.

  • Sold by the meter/yard: 135 cm wide (53”).
  • Nacres HPC (CV 108) // Osnaburg fabric backing
  • Type II, Fire resistant, IMO, Extra washable
CV 108 01
CV 108 04
CV 108 05
CV 108 07
CV 108 09
CV 108 20
CV 108 22
CV 108 24

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Private residence - Mallorca, Spain