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Patricia Moroso & Claude Cartier
Wallpaper / Pleats
Wallpaper / Pleats / TP 170 03, TP 170 06
Wallpaper / Pleats / TP 170 03, TP 170 06
Wallcovering / Volare / RM 812 01
Wallpaper / Pleats / TP 181 05
Wallcovering / Volare / RM 812 01

Moroso Event at Claude Cartier Decoration, Lyon, France

Élitis dresses walls up

Moroso has decided to celebrate its 60th anniversary in Lyon, France with Claude Cartier Decoration. A code breaking exhibition built to reflect the different worlds of the Moroso house, an Arty, contemporary house, combining luxury, art and bohemian style. Three "box blocks" display unexpected themes, shaking up the esthetically correct and present our reinterpretation of Moroso DNA.
 "I ask them to imagine a world and not just an object, to put it in relation with the future" Suggests Patrizia Moroso.

Claude cartier décoration
Espace 25, rue Auguste Comte, 69002 Lyon
Espace 33, rue Sala, 69002 Lyon