Restaurant, la table des cordeliers, France
Wallcovering / Alliances
Hotel V Nesplein, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Wallcovering / Chance, Alliances - Fabric / Possession
The Merchandise Mart, Chicago, USA
Wallpaper / Série limitée
Hotel de cantharel, Apeldoorn, Netherlands
Wallpaper / Foulards
Crowne Plaza, St Domingue
Wallpaper / Azzurro, Glass
Showroom Carnet di Parizzi Fausto e C., Crema, Italy
Wallpaper / Kandy, Fabric / Summer of love
Appartement, Italie
Wallcovering / Chance
Harbour Plaza, Hong Kong
Wallpaper / Mémoires, Kandy, Big croco
Hotel Crowne Plaza, Montpellier, France
Wallpaper / Glass
Auberge du Cheval Blanc, Jossigny, France
Wallcovering / Orient express
Hôtel Montmorency, Carcassonne, France
Fabric / Summer of love et Titan, Wallpaper / Tenue de soirée
Hotel Ridderkerk, Netherlands
Wallpaper / Anguille