Private apartment - Orchard drive purchase, New York
Nature précieuse wallcovering
Blue Palace Resort - Lasithi, Greece
Épure wallcovering
Nacarat Restaurant - Hudsons Bay Flagshipstore in Amsterdam
Coco shells wallcovering
Barbatana Restaurant, Lisbon
Wallcovering, Robinson
Hotel - Amadi Panorama, Amsterdam
Wallpaper, Pleats & Kandy
The Palm Residence - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Éclat & Robinson wallcovering
Residence - Paris, France
Eldorado, Santorin wallpaper
Residence - La Quinta, California
Parade & Mille millions wallpapers
Residential in San Francisco
Pleats, Galerie des glaces wallpaper
Senses - Violett Suites, Austria
Eldorado wallpaper
Hotel & Restaurant Het Witte Paard, Delden, Netherlands
Wallcovering and L'Accessoire
Music studio, private project, Amsterdam
Wallcovering, Wonderland