Smooth and monochromatic, as pebbles. Vibrating and silky, as shafts of light. Hammered and sculpted, as immutable messages. A choice of designs and surfaces in 3D which move and transcend walls.


Floral Medaillons.
Manufactured in jersey laminated onto foam which is then thermoformed, a 3D effect highlights the design. Easy to hang, with acoustic qualities. Sold by the linear metre: 125 cm wide 

News and Projects

Neo bento , Paris, France
Wallcovering / Alliances
Ritz Carlton, Barhain
Wallcovering / Alliances
Salon du meuble, Milan, Italia
Wallpaper / Kandy
Private, Macau, Chine
Wallcovering / Alliances
Hotel V Nesplein, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Wallcovering / Chance, Alliances - Fabric / Possession
Restaurant, la table des cordeliers, France
Wallcovering / Alliances
Hotel 61, Paris, France
Wallcovering / Alliances
Hotel Belfiore, Verone, Italie
Wallcovering / Geisha, Chance, Alliances
Archidesignclub awards 2015
Élitis and the Chavanel Hotel