Luxury walls

Extremely sophisticated wall coverings. Shards of glass beading and Japanese straw on the walls.
Transparent iridescent glass beads on a solid or patterned background:
interlaced, ribbon, woven flowers, stone.


Very refined, metallic, pearly background.
A collection of delicate, natural wisps, highlighted with gold and silver threads.
Roll 90cm x 6,20m.

Luxury walls
RM 401 01
RM 401 87
RM 401 89
RM 402 90
RM 402 99

News and Projects

Alma Hotel, Tel Aviv, Israël
Wallcovering / Nature précieuse
Particulier, Studio Isacco Brioschi, Milan, Italie
Wallcovering / Orient express & Nature précieuse
Private, Courchevel, France
Wallcovering / Nature précieuse
Partoens Van Haute advocaten, Belgique
Wallcovering / Nature précieuse, Wallpaper / Anguille