« Full metal color, born to be wild »


Shimmers and mineral qualities! A stunning decor capable of embracing the most incredible architectures. These oxidized metal drawings, which can be hung like panels, are a supernatural encounter between cosmic textures, alchemistic sparkles and colors playing a shiny game of composure and dilution...

Made in France


Plus product : Permanent fire resistant, Washable, Good light resistance , Streak free


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RM 616 10
RM 616 15
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RM 616 45
RM 616 60
RM 616 75
RM 616 89

News and Projects

Music studio, private project, Amsterdam
Wallcovering, Wonderland
Hotel & Restaurant Het Witte Paard, Delden, Netherlands
Wallcovering and L'Accessoire
Blue Palace Resort - Lasithi, Greece
Épure wallcovering
Private apartment - Orchard drive purchase, New York
Nature précieuse wallcovering
Nacarat Restaurant - Hudsons Bay Flagshipstore in Amsterdam
Coco shells wallcovering
Ristorante Club House Saronno, Italy
Talamone wallpaper / Domino Wallcovering
Residence - Salzburg, Austria
Éclat wallcovering & After All Panoramique
Atelier Compostelle - Paris, France
Panoramique "Santorin" & wallcovering Robinson
Private Apartment - Paris, France
Washi Wallcovering & Invitation fabric
Materials Village
April 3-9, Milan - Italy
Élitis @ OMA
Event in New York
Salon Decorex, London
Élitis & Abbott + Boyd
Architect@Work, Paris
Épure, Kali, Équateur,...
Élitis New York Showroom
Opening !