Anguille Big croco Legend

After having led the way with remarkable leather effects, the iconic Big Croco and Anguille vinyl patterns reinvent themselves by becoming more crafted and dreamlike. Moving along the lines of art or painting, they offer up their singularity resulting in bold and creative atmospheres.

Texture variations are upstaged by truly captivating colors. Big Croco offers the patina of aged leather or precious metallic highlights. Anguille hypnotizes with new designs and delicate patchworks, a true color palette of shimmering hues, metallic tones or matte solids.


Plus product: Permanent fire resistant, Wide width 1m (39"), Washable, Very good stain and knock resistance


Big croco

The famous Big Croco gets a new palette of colors, with varnished shades inspired from fashion handbags.

Rolls 0.70m x10m (11 yards x 27”).

Anguille Big croco Legend
Big croco
Anguille Big croco Legend
Anguille Big croco Legend
Waiting for eve
Anguille Big croco Legend
California dreams
Anguille Big croco Legend
Lost in plantation
Anguille Big croco Legend
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News and Projects

Hotel Ridderkerk, Netherlands
Wallpaper / Anguille
Restaurant Littlekoi, Grenoble, France
Partoens Van Haute advocaten, Belgique
Wallcovering / Nature précieuse, Wallpaper / Anguille
Élitis x Studiopepe
Private residence - Mallorca, Spain