As coming from another century and preserved in time, «Kandy» remains. Imagine walking bare feet on a floor covered with white sheets. There, dyers distill peels of  pomegranate, turmeric and hibiscus to create the most beautiful yellows. Just a drop of indigo and deep greens appear while madder and rusted metal will give birth to blacks. Silk is here a mythical item. Sun light will play with it to reveal its various pigments along the seasons.
*Kandy, sacred city of Sri Lanka

Wallpaper heavy vinyl on paper backing.
Roll 10m x 1m
Always consult the hanging instructions included with each roll

After all

Artist wanted to finish his sketch with vertical stripes. Full panoramic 3 m x 3 m - 3.28 yd x 3.28 yd.

Her majesty
Are you passionate ?
Tears from paradise
Brit pop
Sweet things
Brick lane
After all
Time will tell
VP 757 01

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