Série limitée

Full-scale exhibition
A collector’s portfolio, SÉRIE LIMITÉE offers a selection of original designs in ink and varnish on an unwoven paper background. Unbridled creative freedom develops into a sketchbook of dream-like drawings and paintings which are highly coloured and visionary.
Roll 10m x 0,70 m wide (unwoven wallpaper)
Always consult the hanging instructions included with each roll


An explosive sensuality.

News and Projects

Bohem Art Hotel, Budapest, Hungary
Wallpaper / Série limitée & Sixdesigns
Hotel de l'arc, Paris, France
Wallpaper / Tenue de soirée, Série limitée
Restaurant le clocher, Paris, France
Wallpaper / Série limitée
Hôtel Moderne Saint Germain, Paris
Wallpaper / Kandy, Icônes, Sixdesigns et Série limitée
The Merchandise Mart, Chicago, USA
Wallpaper / Série limitée