Six designs, six stories, six inspirations, six discoveries, six dreams, six sensations. Sixdesigns can be hung on the wall just like a picture, used as a single sheet or for a total look. Made on a non-woven backing, the wallpaper is the naturally-dyed and embellished with mica powder in gold or silver. The lacquered finish captures the light perfectly.
Roll 10m x 0,70m .
Always consult the hanging instructions included with each roll


A projection of giant crumpled paper on the wall.

News and Projects

Bohem Art Hotel, Budapest, Hungary
Wallpaper / Série limitée & Sixdesigns
Restaurant, Moscou, Russia
Papier peint / Sixdesigns
Hotel Sofitel, Dijon, France
Wallpaper / XXL
Hotel Mercure, Dijon, France
Wallpaper / Sixdesigns
Hôtel Moderne Saint Germain, Paris
Wallpaper / Kandy, Icônes, Sixdesigns et Série limitée