Toile peinte colours and prints

Toile peinte colors and prints (Painted canvas colours and prints)
Wallpaper best-seller, Toile peinte, is sophisticated with fragments of metal, picking up underlying hues and revealing picture patterns: you can almost hear the passage of the brush on the canvas. Made on a non-woven backing, with totally new printing techniques and ink applications. There are 17 new plain colours and 5 best-selling natural, white and snow-white.
6 large pictorial patterns.
Vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven backing.
Roll 10 m x 70 cm wide.
Always consult the hanging instructions included with each roll
VP 402 01
VP 402 06
VP 402 15
VP 402 17
VP 402 18
VP 402 20
VP 402 21
VP 405 01
VP 405 02
Toile peinte colours and prints
Toile peinte uni
Toile peinte colours and prints
Toile peinte rayure

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