High Performance Contract

Madagascar - Madagascar HPC

The high performance contract collection presents the first range of products entirely dedicated to contract, offering high-tech and functional qualities. It meets the most stringent standards of the hospitality, entertainment venue, foodservice, water sports, health and public sectors...This wide width, fabric backed vinyl is ultra-resistant,  fire-retardant and IMO. It is especially suitable when maintenance is a key criterion thanks to its washability, antifungal and antibacterial treatment.

  • Sold by the meter/yard: 135 cm wide (53”).
  • Madagascar HPC (CV 106 and CV 107) 
  • Type II, Fire resistant, IMO, Extra washable

Madagascar métal hpc

Madagascar - Madagascar HPC
Madagascar hpc
Madagascar - Madagascar HPC
Madagascar métal hpc
CV 107 30
CV 107 31
CV 107 32
CV 107 33
CV 107 34

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