Новости Élitis

Design on a Dime

April 26-29, New York, USA

Élitis is participating in the 2017 edition of Design On A Dime in New York.
For this charity event, we are teaming up with designer Asler Valero and Ateliers Jouffre upholstery to create a donation vignette. Its contents will ultimately be auctioned off and proceeds will fund Housing Works’ programs to end AIDS and homelessness in New York.
Come join us from April 26 to 29 to share this experience together!
Our special thanks go to Ateliers Jouffre for their exceptional know-how and mastery of their craft, and to Designer Asler Valero for his artistic vision and staging of products.

Design On A Dime : doadnyc2017.splashthat.com
Jouffre : www.jouffre.com