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Former British embassy
Laser cut fabrics create a shadow effect with the openings.

Casa decor, Madrid

Élitis официальный партнёр

Élitis is taking part in the new edition of Casa Decor in Madrid (May 17-June 23, 2013).For the occasion, Élitis has created its own space in the halls of the former British embassy. The fabric, wallpaper and wall covering have been carefully selected to be in harmony with the architecture of the site. "Maps" and "Anguille" enhance the walls, the "After all" panoramic emphasizes the circular effect of the passageway, while the "Lounge" and "Angel" fabrics create a shadow effect with the openings. Élitis has also collaborated on the innovative projects of designers such as Studio Santos (room 42) and Artefactum (room 65). 

Distributor in Spain
Le murier
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