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Sofa / Steeple chase , Настенные покрытия / Perfecto / RM 757 02
Cabinet / Excalibur, Настенные покрытия / Perfecto / RM 757 02 , Robe Appolo fashion
Velvet / Alter ego / LB 703 69
Sofa / Steeple chase

Signatures Home Couture, Dubaï

Randa and Fouad Younan have recently inaugurated their first gallery, Signatures Home Couture, located in Dubai on Jumeirah Road in a brand new eponymous mall. Here, you can discover an original concept that freely combines fashion design and luxury decoration. Moreover, Élitis is in the spotlight: In a black and white scene, the walls are dressed with the famous Perfecto wallcovering while the vibrant green shades of Alter Ego velvet drapes punctuate the two showcases and the fitting room. Signatures Home Couture is also specialized in interior design and its unique boutique displays Élitis’s custom furniture, evening gowns by the Lebanese designer "Apollo Fashion" www.appolofashion.com, and accessories by Zeina Tahan www.zetajewelery.com        

Signatures Home Couture 
Sunset Mall shop 
F04 Jumeirah road 
PO box 334537 
Dubai UAE 
Tel: +971 506 219 506