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  July 2014  
Summer trends. Craing for sun and color
Summer trends. Craing for sun and color
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It's time for sunny atmospheres! Take advantage of this opportunity to add a touch of color and light materials with «India», «Poème», «Anjuna» and outdoor fabrics with «Hera», «City linen», «Stromboli».
Three-dimensional wall coverings. The history of this innovation
Three-dimensional wall coverings. The history of this innovation
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Presented for the first time at the Maison et Objets show in January 2011 our «Vases» wall covering from the «Alliances» collection immediately sparked curiosity. Indeed, after two years of research we had developed a supple material with a relief pattern and acoustic properties that had never before been seen in the wall covering industry. Since then, the range of patterns has been developed over the years and this product now embellishes the walls of hotels, restaurants or exclusive boutiques around the world.
Made in Europe
Made in Europe
Dare to be bold, innovate, and act as explorers in the field of upholstery fabric and wall covering, this is our philosophy. Our in-house styling and design department works closely with manufacturing workshops on the research of new technologies and materials and often adapts their know-how dedicated to fashion or leather goods to offer subtle and refined products. Thus, we privilege a close relationship with our suppliers and craftsmen to collaborate in developing and perfecting the best possible products. The majority of our references are made in France and Europe. Only a few exceptions demanding a specific know-how such as bark, straw or bamboo wall coverings are manufactured in Asia. Our products meet numerous environmental standards: Reach standards, very low VOC emissions relating to air quality (90% of our wallpaper and wall coverings are rated A +).
ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN. Currently, we can be seen in the following magazines
Ideat / Décoration InternationaleArtravelIntramuros
France (Paris)
Paris Design Week
From September 6 to 13
Netherlands (Rotterdam)
September 17 and 18
Stand No. 27
England (London)
(Furniture only)

From September 21 to 24
Stand A30
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