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  July 2013  
IMAGES AND SHARING. Élitis' redesigned website
A breath of fresh air has been added to our website. We wanted to highlight images, improve browsing, make content sharing easier and maximize compatibility with smartphones and tablets. Now that this has been accomplished, feel free to have a look at www.elitis.fr!

Some new functions which make browsing our collections more user-friendly:
- A new "theme" section which offers product combinations based on 4 atmospheres.
- Each product category can now be searched by color
- While browsing, you can save and share your projects
- All the website content can be shared on social networks or by email
- The website has been developed for viewing images in full screen mode and high definition (Retina ready)
CASA DECOR. Élitis: official partner
Casa decor
As part of its 25th anniversary, Élitis is taking part in the new edition of Casa Decor in Madrid (May 17-June 23, 2013).For the occasion, Élitis has created its own space in the halls of the former British embassy. The fabric, wallpaper and wall covering have been carefully selected to be in harmony with the architecture of the site.
«Maps» and «Anguille» enhance the walls, the «After all»panoramic emphasizes the circular effect of the passageway, while the «Lounge» and «Angel» fabrics create a shadow effect with the openings.
Élitis has also collaborated on the innovative projects of designers such as Studio Santos (room 42) and Artefactum (room 65) which can be seen on our website.
EVENT: POLAND. Prestige and know-how
Event in Poland
Also as part of its 25th anniversary, Élitis has organized with its agent in Poland, SML Concept, two major events in Warsaw based on the theme of French know-how.
Leather sheathing, wall decor and haute couture illustrate this theme through atmospheres created with our fabric, wall covering and furniture. An original scenography revealed in a fleeting capsule.
This capsule was presented on May 21 at a prestigious reception at the French Ambassador's residence and on May 22 at the annual dinner of the opening of the gardens at the «Polish Business Roundtable».
ELITIS VIDEO. Walls stand out
Elitis video
A report on wallpaper and wall coverings on the television show "La maison france 5" from April 24 2013.
Currently, we can be seen in the following magazines :
Marie Claire MaisonELLE DECOR
Belgium (Brussels)
June 5 and 6
USA (Chicago)
From June 10 to 12
Russia (Moscow)
June 20 and 21
China (Shanghai)
June 27 and 28
France: Paris
Paris Design Week
September 9 to 15
  All Elitis products have been produced in compliance with the REACH standards for environment and human health.  
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