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  march 2015  
WALLCOVERINGS- Eclectic, Natural and Authentic
WALLCOVERINGS- Eclectic, Natural and Authentic
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Élitis is proud to present its 2015 creations for walls which intertwine arts and crafts with innovation. Discover one of our latest wall coverings that brings animated images of childhood memories back to life with «Wonderland». Delve into the history of artisans who are passionate about their work with walls in wood, bamboo and hand-made paper with «Mindoro» (Trend award winner at the Heimtextil tradeshow) or colorful fabric effects with «Libero» and hammered metal with «Luminescent».
FABRIC - A mad desire
FABRIC - A mad desire
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We have been swept away by the beauty and creativity that fashion designers can offer us and we have transcribed this into our creations. Discover «Dolcezza» and its soft, washed and embroidered natural materials, the refreshing colors of «Gypsies», the silky velvet of «Tsar»,  the soft mesh of «Milady», and structured textiles for seat covers with «Nuits blanches» or a designer wardrobe with «Taos», «Tulum», «Sumba», «Nymphe» and «Djinn».
WALLPAPER - A Burst of Radiance
WALLPAPER - A Burst of Radiance
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Under the reflections of metal and shards of glass, walls resonate with the pounding of a mallet, heat generates from an oven, an artist’s hand shapes and hammers metal plates, cuts and abrades glass and ceramics. «Samarcande» presents 2 new material effects with embossed vinyl wallpaper and 3 panoramas.
SEE YOU IN MILAN - Join Élitis at Superstudio Più
SEE YOU IN MILAN - Join Élitis at Superstudio Più
From April 14 to 19, 2015, join Élitis for a key event in Milan, the Salone del Mobile. In partnership with the Politecnico di Milano, Élitis will be participating in the Materials Village at the Superstudio Più, in the heart of the Tortona district. «Materials Village» is a platform for events and initiatives dedicated to the promotion of innovative materials.
ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN. Currently, we can be seen in the following magazines
House & GardenElle décorationIdeat
Russia (Moscow)
From March 31 to April 3
Italy (Milan)
Materials Village
From April 14 to 19
Superstudio Pi
Belgium (Kortrijk)
From April 23 to 24
Switzerland (Zurich)
From May 6 to 7
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